Content Marketing

What is Content marketing?

Content marketing is simple and effective. It’s the use of blog posts, newsletters, whitepapers, social media posts and so on to build awareness and generate leads. The goal is to create valuable content that helps people achieve their goals—whether they’re professionals or just a family needing help with a home renovation. It is more than sharing information on your website. It’s about helping people get what they need so that when it’s time for them to buy from you, there’s yes in place.

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Why it’s important?

Do you know why content marketing is important? It provides a competitive advantage, it offers a way to connect with your audience, and helps your company’s name to be seen by more people. This enables you to take an active role in your customer’s journey and make them feel valued. Don’t hesitate; content marketing is absolutely going to help your organization grow and be successful!

How content marketing works

 Content marketing is the defining approach to reach prospects, market your business effectively and close trades. There are many ways to use content marketing to attract leads, make a case for your product or service when someone is researching what to purchase, and close trades.


 Here’s how companies use content marketing in each stage of the trades cycle to engage and retail. 

  • Awareness stage: The awareness stage is where your customers are starting to learn about the problem you solve. At this point, it’s more important to educate than to sell. Write about their challenges and questions, as well as your top concerns for them and how your product will solve those challenges. Articles, blog posts, e-books, videos and newsletters are great pieces for this stage of content.



  • Consideration stage: The consideration stage is when the product is finalized enough that it requires basic messaging. It provides information on what features/functionality is available, and how each of these features might serve your purposes. This stage is where you can start creating case studies, how-to articles and videos, and lists/worksheets to help guide buyers through research and purchase decision-making.
  • Closing stage: This is the most important part of your content marketing funnel. It is in this stage that you will try to close a prospective customer and make them buy. You can write long, detailed case studies that show you know your market inside and out, or you can create a short, snappy video that tells your audience why they need your product. The key here is to convince the prospect it is better to use what you offer than use anything else.